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Control Automation

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Display Control System Model No : HC300AG
  • HC300AG mini Display Control System in built Data Retention is TFT true color LCD display
  • Completely isolated universal input such as thermocouple, thermal resistance, current and voltage, frequency input;
  • Adopts modular structure output functions such as alarm, auxiliary power supply for sensors output, retransmission, print and communication etc.
  • Measuring data can be displayed in various types, such as graphic display as bar-graph, real-time trending, history trending memory, real time circular chart, history circular chart memory and alarming state display; also can be printed in curve and data by mini printer through RS232 port.
  • At the same time, it also provides features to check the data’s of year, month, day, hour, minute, second directly.
  • Recorder can be configuration with OPC server, SCADA system and other professional software with MODBUS-RTU communication protocol through RS485 port.
  • The history data can be downloaded directly by USB flash drive, plug and play, easy and flexible.
  • PC supported data analysis software can print the data in curve and output Excel format for further analysis.
Display Control System
Model No. : HC301
  • HC301 controller adopts color LCD display, window-type interface with keyboard, easy operation. With anti-jamming software technology, have a high reliability, maintenance.
  • Support dual power input, you can directly use 220 VAC power supply, can also use the 24 DC power supply, easy to use
  • Can manage different types
  • of gases, different range and different data units detector
  • With an simulate channel output, can upload the working signal to the DCS secondly, and other industrial equipment which can collect 4-20 mA signal
  • It has 4 Relay passive switch output, as a trigger signal of external device can also as a direct driver to use
  • It has response time Less than 10 sec