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Process Flue Gas Analyzer

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( Handheld Flue Gas Analyser )
  • Flue gas analysis, pressure measurement (draft) and (differential) temperature measurement with a single instrument
  • Approvals: EN 50379-2 for 02/C02, TA, TG, pressure and EN 50379-3 for CO as well as VDI 4206
  • Comprehensive functionality, e.g. calculation of qA mean value as per German Federal Immission Act (1. BlmSchV), TFT display can be rotated, zoom display, etc.
  • Best price/performance ratio
( Portable Gas Analyzer For Flue Gas, Pressure & Temperature )
  • Three-in-one-instrument!
    • Flue gas analysis
    • Pressure measurement
    • Temperature measurement
  • Portable gas analyzer for flue gas, Pressure & temperature
  • Intuitive user guidance with touchpad for scrolling
  • High resolution TFT colour monitor with brilliant contrast
  • Choice of display colours for measurement values
  • Highest flexibility through data storage on Micro-SD-Card
  • Extended CO measuring range with H2 compensation
  • Measurement with two active display levels (Multi-Tasking-Function)
  • Separate measurement programmes for (differential) pressure and temperature
  • battery block provides for up to 8 hours of measurement Internationally normed plug connector system Unbeatable price/quality ratio
Flue Gas Analyzer MULTILYZER NG
  • Measurement Up to 6 Gases
  • Ideal for servicing all types of heating installa-tions and for measurements and adjustments on solid fuel burner systems
  • USB interface for PC/Laptop and IR interface for printer Bluetooth Data Interface (optional)
  • Individually programmable measurement configurations
  • Multitasking measuring mode with two active levels
  • LCD display with up to 10 measured values
  • For use with maximum number of electrochemical sensors in combination: O2, CO/H2 (H2 compensated), NO, SO2, NO2 and CO20000
  • Separate measuring programmes for (differential-) pressure and temperature with min./max. indication of all measured values and reset function
  • Graphic evaluation of measured values according combustion chart for gas and fuel oil systems as well as a flue-gas stream search function
  • MULTILYZER NG is certified to EN 50379-2 and approved for legally regulated measurements in Europe
Flue Gas Analysis Computer MAXILYZER NG
  • Integrated printer and gas treatment Unit
  • TIdeal for checking and servicing every type of heating system according to BlmSchV as well as other calorific appliances and solid fuel burner systems.
  • Dust- and waterproof instrument case with vent valve
  • For use with maximum number of 6 electro-chemical sensors
  • Powerful rechargeable battery for up to 36 hours continuous use with active display illumination
  • Multitasking measuring mode with two active levels
  • LCD display with up to 10 measured values
  • Hold function, zoom function, core stream search function and unit conversion
  • Bluetooth Data Interface (optional)
  • Graphical evaluation of measured values according com-bustion chart (online function)
  • MAXILYZER NG is certified to EN 50379-2 and approved for legally regulated measurements throughout Europe
In-situ Online Oxygen Analyzer

It has compact electronic oxygen measuring probe for stationary installation. Consisting of a 300 mm long zirconium dioxide measuring probe with an adjustable screw fitting and control electronics. Inline oxygen measurement without gas treatment. A reliable dynamic O2 probe based on ZrO2 is used to acquire the measured values. The probe is calibrated in atmospheric air. No reference gases are required. Due to the compact dimensions, the probe can be easily installed in the flue gas pipe. The probe provides fast and precise measuring results. Oxystem 300/Compact is suitable for flue gas temperatures of up to 300 °C.

Version Oxystem 500 with separate electronics in wall mounting housing. Control electronics and zirconium dioxide probe are connected by means of a special 2 m long cable.

  • In situ measurement directly in the gas duct
  • Compact design
  • Fail-safe oxygen sensor
  • No gas treatment required
  • No test gas for probe calibration required
In-situ Online Oxygen Analyzer for High Temperature

The sensor of the probe is based on the principle of solid electrolytes (zirconium dioxide). The free oxygen ion movement begins at temperatures of more than 500 °C (solid electrolyte potentiometric method). The probe is heated by the gas atmosphere, it does not have its own heating. The oxygen concentration is calculated from the cell voltage and the temperature according to Nernst's law. The analyser consists of two components, the probe and the control unit. The probe is mounted horizontally or suspended vertically (at temperatures of more than 1,200 °C). The control unit and the probe are connected by means of a two-wire shielded cable and a shielded temperature compensation lead, type S (Pt/PtRh10). The maximum length is 20 m. Operation via keypad and display. The display shows the current oxygen concentration in % or ppm and the temperature of the measuring cell. The ranges automatically switch from % by volume to ppm and to e xx % O2 by volume.

  • In situ measurement directly in the gas duct
  • Fast response
  • No gas treatment required
  • Easy operation