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VOC & CO2 Detector

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Carbon Dioxide Monitor/Controller with the USB Data Logger

The monitor/controller is special design to monitor and alarm CO2 level, also provides up to one 0~10VDC output and one on/off relay output to control a fan or a CO2 generator. An data logger is designed inside, which can record CO2 measurements more than 115 days and can be saved the data via a USB disk.

The memorial CO2 monitor/controller not only very easily to be used as a CO2 monitor and controller, but also as a recorder of the measurements.

  • Features
    • Real-time monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • Optional real-time monitoring temperature and relative humidity
    • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor
    • The 3-LED indicator lights indicate three CO2 measured ranges
    • LED lights brightness adjustable
    • 0~10 VDC output for alternative linear CO2 measurement and PID control output
    • Dry contact output to control alternative a ventilator and a CO2 generator
    • Internal data logger is used to record CO2 measurements as well as optional temperature and RH% measurements.
    • With super large capability memorizer, it can save data of up to 115 days
    • Software to preset the sampling time, read and record CO2/temperature & RH levels on PC
    • Post the data from the internal memorizer by any USB disk, and copy the data to a PC
Carbon Dioxide Detector/Controller for Greenhouse Application
  • Special used to real-time detect CO2 level in air ducts.
  • Long life NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with Self-Calibration
  • High accuracy humidity and temperature detection & display optional
  • With LCD or without LCD selectable
  • Dry contact output with presetting the set point
  • Modbus RS485 communication interface optional
  • Wireless of ZigBee protocol optional
  • Smart structure with easier wire connection through the external pipe
  • Wall mounted, duct mounted, split and plug & play
  • For duct probe type, special the 180° rotatable fastness position of the probe can be used in two directions of air flow.
  • Replaceable filter in the probe and extendable probe length
  • Design the convenient and easier buttons for operation
  • Design for CE-Approval
  • Typical Applications
    • In office and residence areas to detect CO2 level
    • Ventilation control
    • In BAS to detect the CO2 and the data transmittance
    • For greenhouse and plant bin
    • For CO2 laboratory
CO2+Air Quality Duct Transmitter

Indoor CO2 level is a universal accepted parameter for the condition of indoor ventilation and air quality. A time period can be preset from 1 to 24 hours, e.g. 5 hours, then the monitor can display CO2 average level during this period, which provides an objective and true data for the measurement of the air quality in a certain space.

  • Features
    • Real time detection carbon dioxide and air quality (VOC) monitoring.
    • Mix gases sensor with high sensitivity for VOCs from new furniture, wall coverings, office equipment, Cleanser etc. and other pollutants from smoking and cocking etc.
    • High accuracy temperature and relative humidity
    • Smart sensor probe with extendable probe may be easily installed into any air duct
    • With the water-proof and porous film around the sensor probe
    • Up to 3 analog linear outputs for 3 measurements
    • Modbus RS485 interface for 4 measurements
    • With or without LCD display
    • Design for CE-approval
Indoor Air Quality Monitor / Controller

IAQ is a comprehensive index, including room temperature; humidity, fresh air, and diverse low concentrations air contaminants. Monitoring IAQ is very important for healthy life and work. It is specially designed to detect indoor air quality in offices and home environments. Its internal gas sensor has high sensitivity not only to VOC's such as toluene emitted from wood finishing and construction products but also to other air contaminants which are emitted by cigarette smoke, ammonia and H2S. It’s also sensitive to carbon monoxide, alcohol, natural gas and smell from people’s body. So it is more suitable for monitoring IAQ than other sensors which one is only for one kind of gas. It also can be used as a controller in ventilation system and AC system.

  • Features
    • Real time monitoring ambiance air quality with a mix gas sensor
    • Monitor temperature and relative humidity
    • LCD display air quality as well as temperature and humidity, fan status etc. Makes reading and operating easy and accurate.
    • Temperature and humidity compensation makes the IAQ measurement more consistent in different environments
    • Modbus RS-485 communication interface optional, 15KV antistatic protection, independent base address setting
    • 0 to 10V analog output and two relay dry-contact outputs
    • Two alternatives for the analog output: linearized over full range output or PID control output.
    • The relays can be selected to control IAQ , temperature or humidity (programmable setting)
    • Timer of turning-off function for the ventilator device from 0.5 to 12 hours.
    • Low power consumption